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Aston Villa at Sunderland: Updates, team news and current form

Earlier this year Paul Lambert was hailing Benteke as 'world class'. This week, it's wrong to be putting him on a pedestal or that is what I think he is saying here.

I'm starting to question what is said by him and that isn't a good sign, but hopefully he'll accept our invitation to fire a few questions at him live online and we'll here the true unedited and uncensored version. Man or mouse time for the manager?

But this post isn't about the manager, it's about the football and we're playing bottom of the table today and they're bottom of the table half way through the season. This really should be a win. If we don't win, I worry for the manager.

Defeat to the team bottom of the table would be horrible and could see us go bottom of the current form table. We're in the bottom three of that at the moment, but going bottom could be all that is needed to see this manager go. I don't think Alex McLeish ever sat at the bottom.

Updates, team news and prediction

But I don't think we'll lose. I think we'll get a point and that will be enough to keep the optimism alive. We can't not get something at the bottom of the table team, even if we're in the bottom three of the current form table.

But more in Sunderland later. We'll have team news as and when it comes out unless we're beaten to it again and updates throughout the day here and on Twitter.

And with the January transfer window now open, expect some quality and experience soon. I mean, I've got experience, but the manager doesn't want to sign me. We need quality too.

And as soon as we hear something on our invitation, we'll let you know. And Happy New Year to you all.