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Aston Villa at Swansea and the Mark Draper Appreciation Society

You've got to feel optimistic about today, playing away from home against a side that will come at us. But should we? Looking at the away form table, we're second from bottom with two points from a possible 18. Is our away form actually that good?

But, I don't care about the facts. We can win today. We're due a win between now and the end of the season and why not against Swansea. Come on.

And I'm going to be even more optimistic later. Three points and renewed optimism and then an excuse for the club media people to go mad with stories and positivity. I've got a good feeling about today.

And other than that, I don't know what else to write. I've got a good feeling. I mean, it's Swansea and we should be able to go there and get something. Scrap that, we shouldn't be able to, but it would be nice and like I said, I've just got a feeling.

Updates and all that with a bet of the day

And with that renewed optimism I'm going to have a flutter today. I'm not including Villa, but I do fancy making this afternoon fun. I'm going to have a cheeky bet on Everton, Stoke, West Brom and Manchester United and it's paying 20/1 for all four and it's only a few quid, so why not.

And before I leave for a couple of hours, there is now a group created for Mark Draper. It's the Mark Draper Appreciation Society and members of the site can see it here or even create their own group for whatever purpose. If you're not a member, you can't, but you can always register with your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts in the top right had side of this page. And that is my plug, not really for the group, but for the community pages and what you can do there.

Anyway, links and all that coming later. For now, it's time for me to earn my beer tokens.