Aston Villa at Swansea, optimism and a hopeful spanking

Well, Christmas is basically over and we're all still a little full up or hungover or both but also probably tired. And when we feel like that there is nothing better than some football. Today, we're at Swansea and this is, well is it, a test? Sure, if we go out and spank them, I'd be feeling very happy and I might even start to believe, but it's going to take a proper spanking, like we used to get at school.

Now I know I make reference to spanking quite a bit, but that's what you do in football. When you can spank a team, you know you're on to something. When you don't get spanked but you give as good as you get, like we did at Manchester United, then you sense you're on to something. When you get spanked though, it's not nice and for a long time, it feels like we've been getting called up for a spanking on a fairly regular basis.

For those too young to know what I'm talking about, some of us got spanked at school. Some of us, looking back anyway, actually quite enjoyed it. But not in football!

At Swansea

The team is out and updates are coming. But if you didn't know the starting eleven is

  • Brad Guzan
  • Alan Hutton
  • I'm better in a back five Vlaar
  • Jores Okore
  • Always you knew he was decent Clark
  • Ally Cissokho
  • Fabulous Delph
  • I'm not at home Cleverley
  • Looking better Sanchez
  • I didn't touch him Gabby
  • Baby Benteke

Updates and all that coming but for now I see a beer with my name on it.