Aston Villa at West Brom, a seat on the board for Stan Collymore and the supporters trust meeting

Today is a big day. We could lose and 'kid' ourselves that the next game is the one we need to win. But a win today would be big. It could also be massive if results go our way. And it's a game we can win. It's a game we have to win.

But we need to win half of the games left this season and if we are to do that, we really do have to start today. If we do, there will be a huge amount of optimism created but if we can't, I'm not so sure the next few matches will matter and it's the matches until the end of February that really do matter. For the record, I'm nodding my head like one of those toy dogs thinking we can win, because I'm full of blind optimism.

And that nodding dog likeness brings me on nicely to the next part of the post.

A seat on the board for Stan Collymore

Now people, don't break out in laughter all at once. I'll have you know that many have lied about Stan Collymore. I'll also have you know that he is a multi-award winning radio broadcaster. And even though TalkSport is The Sun of radio broadcasters and not a football club, Stan has single handedly taken the radio station from League Two to top of the Premier League.

And even though Stan is quick to have a pop at 'bloggers', let me remind you all of something; Stan is just a blogger with a radio mic and Stan suggesting that he's been warning us of this for five years and that we'll be lucky to find someone else that can highlight our plight, I think it's worth pointing out that this particular blogger warned you all nearly ten years ago of what was to come with Randy Lerner. Stan is hardly innovative with his thinking or opinion. Stan is a second hand opinion trader. Always has been and always will be and that's why he is on TalkSport.

And yes, I turned down TalkSport when they contacted me about doing that blogger segment on Friday nights. You see, some not only have an opinion about something, they stand by it. Stan is too soft to know what that really means. But if you explain it to him, he'll get it. But then he'll use it as his own.

But I think the most important thing to point out about the bloated blogger Stan Collymore is this; he's deluded. First, as highlighted above, he has a pop at bloggers, but he's just a blogger himself. Second, he talks about his highlighting the mess Villa is in but him doing this for five years has achieved nothing. Lastly and this is proof of his delusion, in his post he talks about ending his efforts in highlighting Villa in the national media (that he's failed at) and then just a few paragraphs later, after just ending his efforts, he offers his support in any way he can if anyone wants to contact him. So what is it deluded Stan; are you ending or are you still supporting efforts?

Stan, the reason some laughed at the suggestion of you getting a seat on this board is in this post and all the others you've made. You can't see the bigger picture and the club need you to keep doing what you're doing because you bring the club down to your level. You're one of the reasons Stan we're in this mess, because you're not intelligent enough to really know what's going on. Just because you played football Stan doesn't mean you know any more about running a Football Club than anybody else.

Personally, I hope you stick with your first decision and stop talking about the mess Aston Villa are in and stop offering help to them or suggesting you'd be good on the board.

The Aston Villa Supporters Trust AGM

That rant from Stan comes from the meeting held this week. I spoke to someone at the meeting and I read a few reports. The Birmingham Mail even did a full transcript of the meeting here. The responses were what I would have expected and nothing surprised me. There will be some on social media that will say positive things about it, but they're the ones that will have got their ego massaged by the club.

The facts speak for themselves and the appointment of Steve Hodge as Chairman is further confirmation of the mess we are in. The underlying truth about why this Football Club is where it is, is a simple one that the owner needs to grasp and understand before we move forward. We need football people at the club and not just business administrators.

Right now, we have two business administrators that know nothing about football. What should we expect to happen. Read the transcript, they don't talk about football they talk about responsibility. We don't need someone that knows nothing about football taking responsibility for the academy. I don't, but imagine I owned some great restaurants; it doesn't mean that if you put me in the kitchen I'm going to be able to create great food.

But I've got to have a background in running great restaurants to know what I've got to bring in to make another great restaurant. I can't run a great restaurant and then be expected to take over a supermarket chain and be expected to run that just as successfully. Sure, I could probably run a chain of KFC's and then take over a chain of Foot Locker and do okay, but that is, as Stan would put it, League One - nowhere near the Premier League.

I'm not knocking the Aston Villa Supporters Trust. The club probably see them the same way I do and I wouldn't be surprised if they end up getting a seat on the board but we're not a publicly traded company anymore (something I think Randy Lerner should seriously look into) and by giving up a seat on the board, it would make a mockery of the supporters and the club.

I mean, are any of under the illusion that Randy Lerner or Tom Fox don't know how supporters feel?

Team news and updates

Right, that turned into something I didn't expect. So, I feel as if this could go either way and while you decide that I'm going to go get a beer and relax for the second half of this Norwich match. I'll be back in 20 with team news.