Aston Villa at West Brom: Predict the Paul Lambert quote

Apparently Paul Lambert wants 'derby courage'. Me, I'd prefer three points, but I'm not the manager. Today is a big match, make no mistake and courage will be needed, just in case they have to step in front of that speeding car to save a child.

I don't care how we get the three points, I just want them. I'm not paid to manage and the truth is we all know what needs to happen, it's just a case of if it does. Hand on heart, I don't think it will, but that is hand on heart.

We need a couple of players and until they arrive, I think we are going to struggle. Vlaar and Dunne might help, but I'm not convinced they are the answer. I'm fairly sure Dunne doesn't care.

West Brom

So to West Brom and if they beat us today they would have won twice as many games at home this season than we have won all season. If we don't win, we could find ourselves dropping a further place in the table.

Have I told you the stats about teams surviving the season from 19th place in the Premier League after 23 games? You really don't want to know.

But the way I look at it today, it can only get better. I'm not convinced we have much of a chance, so if we go out and surprise, I'll be happy. If we don't get anything, it is hardly going to surprise me.

It's a sad state of affairs supporting Aston Villa at the moment. It will be even worse if Lerner doesn't do something soon. Only two weeks to go.

Updates, links and team news

So this is where we are. Desperate for points. Southampton might have done us a favour though or maybe not, but that doesn't matter and neither will Monday.

What matters is today. Will Vlaar play and will he manage to stay on the pitch for ninety minutes if he does? We'll have the team news at about 4.30pm and any updates throughout the day - notably on the other games, because if Sunderland score a few we could leave the relegation zone before kick off.

Oh, you can create your own MeMe of Paul Faulkner here.