Aston Villa at West Ham, planning for the Championship and bet of the day

We all know that West Ham wont finish the season as high as they are at the moment and we all know, much like we all know that Paul Lambert will win a few games if he remains the Aston Villa manager, that West Ham are on a good run that isn't going to last.

What I'm trying to say is, we could win today and if we do there will be some that think all is good and we've turned the corner. We wouldn't have and it will just be the point a game we're picking up, but it will make us feel a little bit better. Not as good as winning used to feel, when we knew it meant something more than just that, but it would be nice.

And we're not at Villa Park, which usually means we have a better chance and I keep thinking back to West Ham and how we all know that run isn't going to last forever. And it's Saturday, just a few hours before kick off, so I've gone into optimistic mode.

And this is why we're all here. And this is why Lambert wont get the sack. It's because the club know that people will still be supporting the side by spending cash every day of the week. It wouldn't surprise me if they had a model for playing in the Championship and how it might not actually be that bad for us, seeing as a lot of our players are Championship players.

You know what, it would actually surprise me if they hadn't factored it in and come to the conclusion that it might not be that bad. Think about it.

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So with the fairly optimistic view that we might be able to win because the West Ham run is going to come to an end one day soon, I'll leave it for now and go have some breakfast. I'll be here all day working on something else but popping in every now and then.

I might even watch the Liverpool and Chelsea match with money, if I'm going to bet, firmly on the London side. And now that I'm writing this, I've decided to place a bet and it's going to be on Manchester City, Southampton, Hull, Chelsea and the mighty Aston Villa. Odds of 70/1 seems about right.

Back with team news later.