Aston Villa at Wigan: Last day of season but transfer window opens at midnight

I for one am really pleased that the season is over and that we have one game where the result doesn't actually matter. It's just the football. It's just this season (although I seem to remember writing this last season).

We've had a horrid couple of seasons and hopefully now we have reason to be hopeful. Next season I think we have reason to be optimistic. But optimistic in the process.

And today we play a side, much like ourselves, with nothing to play for. It will be a bit like an international friendly slash last day of school atmosphere. Win, lose or draw, it doesn't matter and maybe that is exactly what we need.

It doesn't end there

But just because the football is over and we can have a day without needing to worry about the result, this is when it sort of really begins for this manager. Sure, he'll have a holiday but it wont be much of one.

At midnight, the transfer window opens and I suspect he will want to move quickly. There will be new contracts for some players, although I suspect that work is done already and he'll also be wanting to bring in a new player or three.

I don't think there will be that many coming in although I imagine there will be a few leaving and we sort of know who they all are. But those players coming in might be a surprise. Maybe not like the surprises we had last summer, but similar.

The match

And just because the football is as good as over, it doesn't mean we should turn our attention to just that today. We do have a match. And even though I've likened it to the last day of school and an international friendly doesn't mean it isn't going to be interesting.

Okay, I'm trying to stretch it today, but the match does kick off in a few hours and you know the travelling supporters will make a day of it, dressed up and in good spirits. But there is a match, we should focus.

Thanks BBC

  • We've won 26 of our 40 points (65%) against the other sides in the bottom half of the Premier League table this season
  • We've never lost more games in a single Premier League campaign than in this season (17), matching what we got in the 2002-03 when we finished on 45 points in 16th place
  • Only against Everton (seven) has Gabby scored more Premier League goals than versus Wigan (five)

Updates and team news

So, with the match coming up, we should focus on it so as and when we have team news, it will get listed and Twitter will be busy today and I imagine Instagram will be too.

Updates in the comments and those social networks. And the first bit of news; Aston Villa are going to Germany for the summer, leaving early July. It's not for long, but is anyone going to go for a few days? Full list of pre-season matches below.

  • 10 July - SV Rodinghausen (Häcker-Wiehenstadion)
  • 12 July - SC Paderborn (Benteler Arena)
  • 14 July - VfL Bochum (Rewirpowerstadion)
  • 20 July - Wycombe (Adams Park)
  • 23 July - Luton (Kenilworth Road)
  • 26 July - Crewe (Gresty Road)
  • 31 July - Walsall (Bescot)
  • 4 August - Shamrock Rovers (Dublin)