Aston Villa at Wycombe with a desperate need for a win

Sometimes, when it's cold in the morning, all I need is the wife to take the duvet off me and I'm up. Maybe all Aston Villa need is a win and today presents a great opportunity for that. The fat lady isn't singing.

And you know what, even though Wycombe are doing okay in League Two, we really should have enough to win this today. I write that we really should with some hesitancy though, because stranger things have happened. In fact, if we don't win today I might start to see the fat lady singing.

Ayew is back and I've got a feeling the manager is going to play his best side. Now that I've written that, I think it's fair to say that he wont be playing his best side and he'll rest a few players, especially because we've got a game so close after today.

But today is about winning and it's not because it's the FA Cup, it's because we need to know what winning feels like.

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So, we know Ayew is back and we all hope he plays, but there is also a chance that we're going to see Micah Richards at right back because Alan Hutton is out. Carlos Sanchez is also out but Ashley Westwood is available again after suspension. There are possibilities today.

And if Richards is at right back, I sort of expect to see Clark play. But me thinking I know what the team will be is not a good sign - it usually means something completely different. But whatever the team, we should have enough.

Updates and all that

So with all that written, a win is all that's needed. It doesn't need how it comes, but if it came from Garde playing the way he wants us to play and we control the game they way we should, then it will be a positive. But there can not be that many changes. The win is important for more than just progressing in the cup.

I'll be back in an hour. Duvet is off, but I need coffee.

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