Aston Villa v Arsenal: All that and Robbie Savage

A lot of people are getting new contracts and there is a lot of hope and optimism at the moment. And this is all good as we've had a great start to the season. And if we do things the right way today, there is every chance things will continue to go well.

But there is that feeling that if things don't go well, supporters could turn on the manager, despite this 'stability' we have apparently created by giving him a new contract this week.

And while there is never a good time to play Arsenal, if you did have to play them, a few days after they had a tough game in the Champions League is probably a good time.

But as Robbie Savage very kindly pointed out this week, we've not really changed much in how we play football, it's merely we have better players in the side. And that is the part that worries me and it's what I've written for quite a while.

Arsenal at Villa Park

We know how Arsenal are going to play today. Arsenal play a simple way. It's effective and because of the quality they have and that they play this way week in week out and train to make how they play better, it's going to be tough, even though we know exactly what to expect.

It's also pretty fair to say we know how we're going to play, in so much there will be a period in the game that we put pressure on Arsenal and then we'll sit back. What we'd all like to see though is Aston Villa putting a little more pressure on than just one half of a half.

And it will happen one day, it's just is today where we want to see it? What will probably be best is if we set up just the same way as we did against Liverpool; find a goal and when we do, sit back and defend it to the best of our ability.

And you know what, I'd take a one-nil win week in week out if it meant we were winning. It didn't bother the likes of Arsenal under George Graham and in fairness, it wouldn't bother us if it meant success. The thing is, it doesn't always mean success.

But today, we can have 25% possession again and win 1-0 and I know we'd all be happy.

Team news, links and banter

So, with that written, I'm going to have an early breakfast and I'd like to be back for team news, but I usually get beat to that, so I'm going to hit refresh every now and then.

So before I go, I'm leaving you with something to create a feeling of optimism; Arsenal have conceded in every game this season. So who better to play the old Arsenal way against Arsenal?