Aston Villa v Blackburn: Live text, updates, team news and everything else

Morning all and happy new year. Nothing was posted yesterday as the only news doing the rounds was that of Martin O'Neill talking about Ashley Young diving and I for one agree with the manager - Young doesn't dive. He does however go down easy and quite a few times when he is down he has an injury which is miraculously gone a few moments later.

He also likes to act the big lad and go face to face with other players and he isn't he big lad and actually if he did that outside of the protected environment of a football match, the little rascal would get beaten up. He does certain things he doesn't need to do and yes Martin, he does have a reputation for feigning injury and going down easy, but he does it well and it is an art.

FA Cup Saturday

I'm going to predict it now; boring game. Naturally, now I have predicted that I will be completely wrong, but I just fancy that both managers will have an eye on Tuesday and that both managers will quite possibly be resting players specifically for Tuesday.

Now, I'm old fashioned and think you should go all out to win every match, but I also know that even if we beat Blackburn we will go out in the next round or the one after. I also know that the chances of us reaching a final this season are very high, if we do things right and when you are in a final, absolutely anything can happen.

However, this isn't just me guessing, the manager has as good as said he will be resting players, so it really is a case of who gets rested? We will know in a few hours and we will publish the team as soon as we get it, but expect Collins to start I think.

We will also be adding a few links to a few other places closer to kick off and will be running a sort of commentary here and from Twitter. I say sort of, because chances are you will be watching it or listening to it so you don't need detail from me on the cross that never came in.

It will mostly be banter, but hopefully a laugh. So, until time for team news, your predictions please. I'm going to say a 2-1 home win and a fantastic performance from Albrighton.