Aston Villa v Burnley: Updates, team news and relegation watch

We've not had a great season as Aston Villa supporters and we've come close to the unmentionable, only to be saved by a little confidence and a slight change in the way we play football. And after today, it's not over. Next week, it could turn out to be a great season for Aston Villa.

Football is all about winning and the more you win the more chance you have of picking up some silverware along the way so with the FA Cup final looming, I think everyone could be forgiven today if anything happens or doesn't happen or about who plays and maybe who doesn't.

And there is only really one thing we're waiting to find out today and that is the team that will follow Burnley and QPR into the Championship. I'm not convinced it will be Hull but with them needing to win, it is looking quite likely. But I think it's fair to say that most Aston Villa fans would probably like to see Newcastle go down.

And that isn't me looking for any trouble, it's just the way Newcastle fans are. I think most supporters of Championship clubs would probably prefer Hull though and if I was a betting man, I think that is where my money would be going.

To the match

So with all that written, we wait for team news. Half of me expects a few changes today only because it's an opportunity, but I don't think too many and I do expect our key players to be involved, even if from the bench. Consistency is important and getting a run out will be good.

And as the last game of the season at home, it's also a sell out and I think we all expect a win. We have to put right last weekend and there isn't going to be a better chance. Updates and all that as it happens. I'm going to cut the grass.