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Aston Villa v Fulham: Three points could mean that Aston Villa are learning how to win

I was listening to the radio earlier and someone thought this would be an easy game for us because Fulham have little to play for and because we've won three out of our last four and are on a bit of a run.

We really did need to win those games though and while today is also important, we could move above Stoke and Norwich and move to five points above the relegation zone, it isn't critical and that worries me.

Worry is the wrong word. It doesn't actually worry me. Today is a test. We don't need to win and that is the test; can they?

I'd like to think they can and if they do, it will be a follow on from the post yesterday, in so much that we can hopefully start to believe in something. It would certainly be another step in that direction.

But Fulham are sixth in the current form table to our eleventh and that means something. It means they are getting some decent results. They also lost at Newcastle last time out and get this, we even have a better away record that them. Today is a good opportunity, but it isn't a banker.

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So, a win could have us thinking that this team know how to win and are on a good run. Defeat would be hard to swallow. Chances are we draw, but I'm not betting on us today as I can't predict this game.

I do think there will be goals though and I think Weimann is due one today. I will make one prediction though; it wont be three at the back and I really wouldn't be surprised if we started 4-2-3-1 again.

Team news in just over three hours, but what do you think will happen today?