Aston Villa v Hull: Potential for three points, confidence factor and playing to win

I know I've said this next part before, but we really do need to win today. The next four games are against Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City - the top four from last season.

And while we did okay against the top four last season and hopefully we will again, there is a conundrum surrounding that; last season we did well against the top four sides because we say back and hit long and we don't want to be doing that this season and even though we're only two games in, it does look a little like we're not going to do that.

I'm actually not sure that is a conundrum, it's more a case of not wanting to revert to how we played last season and get better playing the way we have appeared to start this season and go into the next four days with a bit of confidence.

And today, we're playing a side that lost 13 games away from home last season and the only team that lost more and there was only one, was relegated. Hull are, if we go on last seasons results, the easiest match we're going to have at Villa Park this season and we have to win today.

It's also one of the six games we won at Villa Park last season so there should be some optimism going into the game. I was careful with my wording there; there should be isn't the same as there is.

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So, with that all written and the match three hours away, I'm going to have a late breakfast. I'm going to be back in an hour and an hour later we'll have the team news.

A few thought Lambert bottled it last week and looking back, I think he did too. But you've got to hope that today he's going to go out, factoring in the above and look for goals and the three points. To do that, I don't think he can start with the likes of Weimann and if Gabby starts, he's got to be behind Bent.

But that's just me. Lambert is another sort of monster and he could just as easily start with five defenders and two midfielders. We'll know more in a couple of hours.

Confidence factor

Taking into consideration the above and that we've started well and because I'm in a good mood, I think we're going to win today. I'm not sure it will be that convincing a win (so here is hoping), but a win is a win.

So, if I had to put a number on it, it would be 75% chance of a home win today. If you're going to have a bet and if you do and if you win, one day you can maybe buy me a beer. I'm always in good form with a beer.

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