Aston Villa v Liverpool: Two clubs with a proud history but only one playing for something

Well, today has turned into something that nobody wanted it to turn into and in case you didn't know, we are back in the relegation zone all games equal. What that basically means is that we need something from today. Get nothing and we'd have played more than Wigan and we'd still be in the relegation zone.

And you know what, we can get something. It's only Liverpool. Don't get me wrong, Liverpool are a decent side and I'm sure Liverpool supporters have heard this quite a lot recently, but they also have an immensely proud history, but history and what is in the cabinet doesn't mean success.

As things stand today, Liverpool are the top side of the third tier of the Premier League and we've already beaten them this season, so we can do it again. And I'm sorry for the Liverpool fans reading this that still think they're going somewhere.

Most will know now that they've got an American owner that is only at their club for what he can get out of it, not for bringing silverware. He'll lend money to the club and take his interest and management fees, but he'll never lend the money they really need, only what the club can comfortably pay back, in those interest and management fees. Could they have thought any different after they appointed Brendan Rodgers?

The match

And that is why we can win today. Liverpool are playing for nothing, they'll finish top eight, probably seventh and they know it. They know that defeat today means nothing, but for us, it means something, because for most of our players, this is about pride and showing that they are good enough.

And of late, they've been playing that way. They've played the right way and they've played with fight and spirit and if they do that again today, we give ourselves a fighting chance. If the home support is as vocal as last time out, it will be more than a fighting chance.

Updates, team news and banter

What I wrote above, about Liverpool, is banter. It might actually be that their owner wants to bring success and will let Rodgers spend £100mn this summer and not be worried about the interest and management fees, but why would he? That is my banter for today.

We'll have team news an hour before kick off and throughout the day we'll have updates as and when they come through but mostly during the match. Can we win today? I think we can.

The players

Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, Bennett, Westwood, Bannan, Sylla, Gabby, Weimann and Benteke start. On the bench we have Given, N'Zogbia, Delph, Dawkins, El Ahmadi, Bowery and Lichaj.