Aston Villa v Manchester United: Updates, team news, banter and hope maybe

Do you think we can win this match? Simple question that really does come down to a yes or a no and hand on heart, I've got to say I can't see us winning, but you never know, there could be a point in it for us if we get lucky.

I know that isn't a great for me to write that but this Manchester United team look, to me anyway, that they could go on and win the Premier League and I just have a feeling that they might stay on top for the rest of the season.

They probably wont but I wouldn't be surprised. It's like they've regained their place and they're not going to give it up again.

Updates, team news and banter

So, there it is and here this is. This is the match post. As soon as we get team news, it will go here. You have comments to play with below and you want to predict the score again, there might be a prize if someone gets it right - but that isn't confirmed yet.

As for the winner of the shirt from last week - you still have to email me. Hurry.