Aston Villa v Newcastle: Odds, team news, links and giving up beer for a month

I was in a pub last night in the middle of absolutely nowhere. To best describe this place, drive 40 miles from the nearest town, go past two villages, into the middle of nothing and imagine a pub. I think I had one too many also, but it has put me in a good and confident mood today.

But not to destroy my good mood or confidence, I do want to say that I don't care what a player says. Most of them lie and say exactly what they think supporters want to hear. They are paid to play football, so that is what they should do.

Last season I wrote about a player and thinking he wouldn't score fourteen goals and said if he did, I'd go a month without beer - I'll offer up the same this season. Talking on the pitch and all that.

Newcastle at Aston Villa

So, to the match and because we are going to win and because Gabby usually scores four or five on a little run of games, I'll have a fiver on him to score again today.

That is quite a bold statement, but we really should win and that is where my money is going today. Newcastle are what some pundits might describe as goal shy and we are scoring - not as much as some sides, but we are and we're at home.

Like I said, I'm in a good and confident mood and I just cant see us losing or them scoring today.

There you go - prediction and bet of the day all in two paragraphs. I can go back to bed and I might in a minute, but before that, the big interview with Gabby here. I'm not sure if I should write anything about it - was there anything new?

Odds, team news and banter

So, as and when there is team news, we will post it here but there is talk that Ireland will be replacing Heskey. I can't see this happening myself, especially after Bannan has been coming on and making such an impression. But, Ireland and Bannan could both start and that maybe wouldn't be that much of a surprise.

We need to go out and attack though and that is why I think we will win and why Gabby might score. The odds are good. So, please, your predictions below.