Aston Villa v Spurs: Live updates, team news and banter

Morning all. I'm looking forward to the match and I think it will be a good one. It's not all about the football today though, there is also the statue unveiling that is starting to get a little exposure. If you have the chance to get to Villa Park early, I'm sure it will be worth the extra time.

But, to the match. The preview is here and I have to hold my hands up, when I was doing my bets last night, I did go for a home win, but on sober reflection, I must admit, I am going to pick a score draw. I just hope it isn't the other potential result. Spurs are not going to be that easy.

Team news will be published here as soon as we have it but I fancy Stewart Downing might start and if he does, I think we might see John Carew make way for him and while we might line up as 451, it will very much be a 4231. The big question will be is Sidwell or Reo-Coker in as we all know Petrov starts even with his broken leg.

The reason why I fancy Stewart Downing might start is because I don't think O'Neill wants to play 442 today. I think he is going to want to be as cautious as possible but at the same time having the options when attacking. When playing 442 we tend to lose out in midfield and the Spurs match from last season at Villa Park is a prime example.

Half Past Seven

I'm just having a look into the future and while I'm not sure what I've just seen as I was popping in and out, I think I've visited three futures and quite conveniently, in the first we won today, in the second, we lost and in the third we drew. So I know the reaction for each result today.

Aston Villa beat Spurs

Basically, the feeling is good and the banter is positive. We have arrived, we are real contenders for the top four. Martin O'Neill is a tactical genius and got it spot on today, he should be given a contract for life and Emile Heskey, coming off the bench to score the winner from the fantastic Stewart Downing cross with five minutes to go, gets calls for him to start every single match. Spurs had 33 shots against our four, but we showed real character, determination and fight.

Spurs beat Aston Villa

O'Neill has lost the plot. Why have substitutions if you are not going to use them. We needed a goal with thirty minutes to go and didn't look like getting one in the first hour so why persist with the same eleven? We can't continue to play 442 and we need to pass the ball about rather than hit long otherwise we are never going to be a real contender for anything other than top eight.

Points shared at Villa Park

You have to be happy with a point because Spurs are one of those teams that we will be fighting with all season for position. Harry has done a fantastic job with them and it was where the smart money was. Football still lacked passing and possession, but a point at home against Spurs is a good result especially as we came back from two down.

Half Past Nine

Back to reality now and while those are not all my views above, that is what I expect with whatever result we get. I should also say that I'm actually more interested in the football than the result. Don't get me wrong, we can put ten men behind the ball have one shot and win 1-0 and I'd be happy, but the bigger picture is the football for me and I think you all know that now.

I want to see the football get better and the ball get passed about more and I hope with Downing in the team, that might happen. It won't or cant' happen when playing 442 and an often used excuse was that we didn't have the players for that. I hope, if Downing starts, that is appears that was the plan all along, I hope.

I'm off for coffee and toast and the wife has left me list of things I have to do which includes hoovering. Where do we keep the hoover?

Daily Links

You can get the match here if you are unable to get to Villa Park or a TV. More to come, if I think they are interesting.