Aston Villa v Swansea or 37% win rate v 38% win rate

I apologise for the post yesterday. I really did just have a few minutes to write it but I think I got across my point. And it really is the same post every time at the moment. Just like the post is today.

We need to win. But even if we do, we will be in the bottom three. And the chances are that even if we win the one after we could still very well be in the bottom three. And it's easy to see why.

We have someone managing the team saying all the right things, but he's never managed a team for an entire season. And just because he is saying the right things, it means nothing. The only thing that matters is what happens on the pitch and right now what is happening on the pitch isn't good enough.

But I stand by my view that most want him to do well, but the sad part is that with every passing match at the moment, we are simply one match further from where we should be. And when I write that it's easy to see why, it's because we've got players that are not Premier League standard. Or actually, we've got players that are not good enough yet.

It takes time. In that sense Sherwood is right. But the right manager would get them to this standard faster and that doesn't mean a standard to win the Premier League, it means playing to the strengths of the players we have so we don't lose. It's then about getting them better so we create more chances.

Swansea need a win too

Don't quote me on this, but Swansea haven't won in five. Today is as big a match for them as it is for us. And if we've seen anything from Swansea, it's that their manager, who has just a little more experience as Sherwood is also struggling. His win record is 38% - just 1% more than Sherwood at Aston Villa.

But he was fortunate to take over a club that he was at and he knew what was going on, just like Sherwood at Spurs. That helped him a lot, just like Sherwood at Spurs. I'm not sure if Monk is a good manager or he just got lucky. And I don't think we will find out today.

I also think today is unpredictable so whatever happens shouldn't be used as a marker and I think like I think many think, regardless of what happens today Sherwood is gone. And not because we may lose, but because it is unpredictable. But what happens if we win?

If we win, they'll be some saying he's starting to get it right. They'll be the pundits saying that he needs time. But football pundits that are also ex-professionals will never say that a manager needs to go. I should qualify this; the vast majority wont. But if we know anything, we know that pundits don't really know that much more than us, they just have a bigger microphone. Look at Savage.

Sherwood should go manage in League Two for a season and see what he can do managing an average side with average resources. Let him learn his trade when he doesn't have the infrastructure around him. Let him learn it all and if he does well enough there, let him get his chance. He's not a proper manager yet and he's got a long way to go.

Updates, bet of the day and team news

So with all that written, it's time to leave the post for a bit. Team news in a few hours and before that, no doubt some opinion on the match today and if Sherwood still has a job or not come Monday afternoon. Me, I'm placing £25 on Arsenal and Stoke to win. If it comes in, it becomes £75. I need to start winning this season soon and this is as sensible a bet as I can make.

So, I'm going to go tidy up the garden and rake some leaves. It's a big garden and I'm not looking forward to this. Back for team news. Any predictions?