Aston Villa v Swansea: Updates, team news and a must win match

Beating Chelsea was a fantastic result and while I'd like to sit and talk about it and some of the other strange results from the weekend - we have more football to deal with - Swansea at home in just a few hours and this really is the match.

What I mean by 'this really is the match' is that we have to beat Swansea. Winning at Chelsea is nothing if we cant beat Swansea at home. Steve Kean will be saying something similar to his players today and Martin O'Neill will be saying something similar tomorrow.

To the match

This isn't a six pointer - but if Swansea beat us, they could move above us. If we beat them, we could also move up a couple of places, but just like Arsene Wenger has held his hands up to not having a chance of winning the league - we have no chance of finishing any higher than 8th, without kidding ourselves and that would be generous and blind.

So, tonight is an important match to win. We need to play with the same determination and hope that our game didn't just raise because of the opposition - but we all know the score - we only have to look at the record of this manager to know that there is no renaissance.

For him, it is a must win game and because of that, maybe we will see something that resembles the Chelsea performance and if Stephen Ireland does what he does again, it could be another great night. We saw what he is capable of if he chases balls down and the way he set up Darren Bent for the third, was the gesture of a man.

Updates, team news and everything else as we get it, but the transfer window is now open, so expect a lot of bullshit to fly about and expect the Robbie Keane rumours to start up very very soon - but on a two month loan - you never know, I'd not be surprised to see him here very soon.

More time needed

But before I go - I don't have much time. That is the reason why we are not looking for at the Chelsea match and why we are not speaking more about Stephen Ireland, Petrov, Bent and lots of other things that should be written and spoken about - but that is also why you have the comment box below.

So, for what I've forgotten, please let me know. Thanks.