Aston Villa v Swansea: Updates, team news, odds, huge optimism and banter

Not sure what the walk out music is going to be today but it could be one of so many (19 options this week and rumour is 45 next time) that it really could come down to the odd vote or three. You could have serious Aston Villa fans voting for Paradise from Coldplay that fifteen Birmingham City fans decide to vote for Welcome to the Jungle and we end up with that.

Welcome to the Jungle. What a song. What a description of Villa Park and the supporters. I hope it wins.

Sorry, I am, I really am sorry, but these are the actions of a stupid person because whoever decided to run this poll the first time made a mistake, continuing to do it makes them stupid.

Swansea at Aston Villa

Right, enough about that, I'll leave a surprise at the end of the post, but for now, we need to concentrate on the football and you'll know that I have been in confident mood all week but today, reality bites and the truth is, to beat Swansea, we need to be at our best, or very close to it, because if we are, we could go an score a few.

But we could score a few. We might not. Swansea could score a few and the high we have from Newcastle could be gone. Everyone knows how important a win today is and we do need it and I know the table doesn't really matter after so few games and actually does it really matter anyway, but if we win today we could move up into the top half.

But regardless of the result, but a win would be fantastic, it is going to be interesting to see how the team play. It will also be interesting to see who plays - there are players that we haven't seen yet and it will be interesting to see if the likes of Bannan, Clark, Lichaj, Weimann and Guzan, who all did so well last time, get to play again.

Updates, team news and predictions

I'm in a confident and optimistic mood today, so I'm going for a home win and some blind optimism tomorrow. You see, with all these managers we've had over the years and all the dross we've had to suffer, if you throw enough mud, one day it will stick. Maybe, just maybe, Lambert is the man. I know, I'm getting overly optimistic, but imagine if he was.

Just imagine for a few moments if we have the next Sir Alex Ferguson and these signings he made in the summer turn out to be the next superstars of the Premier League. Okay, I'll leave it for a moment, because I am getting carried away, but one day it has to happen doesn't it? I mean, if we can imagine it and it is within the realms of possibility, it could happen to us.

Right, team news as and when it comes in and updates throughout the day. Odds below and a special video - want to hear that at Villa Park?


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