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Aston Villa v Swansea: Updates, team news, what they've got to do and Lambert will be bricking it about now

If we lose today I can see Paul Lambert running from the pitch at the final whistle to get away from the reaction from the Holte End. He didn't like the last one and this one, if we lose, will be different. If Aston Villa lose today, I can see Paul Lambert getting the sack.

And what we need to see today for him to keep him in a job, is some dynamism. And I don't mean from him, we need to see it from his players.

We need to scrap this three in midfield and go to a stricter 4-5-1 or we'll get passed over, we need to see more running in the channels and we need to see more through balls to where those players are actually running.

What we actually need to see today, after we've kept the ball and passed around the pitch is the final ball played through to an Aston Villa player. It would just be nice if we stopped playing behind them and giving the opposition time. But for the love of God this isn't a license to hit long and hope, there has to be a clear opportunity and the pass has to be calculated.

Which is why it's important to keep Gabby on the pitch and Weimann off it for today.

It would also be nice if we used the full width of the pitch, if at a corner we didn't just lump it into the box with our eyes closed and if we have free kick, rather than lump that too, we played short, kept the ball and maybe created a shooting opportunity closer to goal, or something other than just a hoof from 40 yards.

But that's just me

The most important thing today is three points and as long as we get that, most will be happy. There will still be some that say Lambert has to go and that he isn't good enough and they'll be some on Twitter creating accounts specifically to get him sacked (I don't understand that and assume they're Birmingham City fans), but as long as he wins, we have to be happy.

And then we get a few days off until the trip to Sunderland. If I was the manager, I'd have them in every day watching films and working on the basics, but I'm not the manager and I'm not paid to try and do better for Aston Villa. I could be if I didn't care.

Some people that don't care include Paul Faulkner and Ian Culverhouse. Faulkner will be tucking into his second breakfast right about now while Culverhouse will still be in bed. There is no motivation for either. Remember that people.

Updates, team news and video of the day

Right, so that is my mini this is what we've got to do today post and now we have to sit back and wait for it to happen.

In the meantime, there is a video of the day at the bottom of this post and my prediction today is a home win. Your prediction is welcome below and I'll be back about two hours before kick off.

And before I go, if you're this way inclined, you can get 2/1 on us to win at home today. That is a good price and you know what, I might have some. Click here for those odds.

Video of the day