Aston Villa v West Brom: Updates, team news, odds and an important game

This is a big game. I'd even say this was bigger than The Clowns. The Clowns has a certain appeal but they're small time in comparison to West Brom. West Brom have some history, they're just as close and we've played them a lot more in the past than we have the Clowns.

It's a big game because we need the win too. If we don't win the club leading the way will have more than three times as many points than us after six games and this manager will have only one in the league - even last season we had eight points after six games.

I'm not saying the previous manager is better than this one, but I am saying we need to win. We need to get points on the board and quickly and meant in the nicest possible way, these are the games we should be winning.

The Match

Don't get me wrong, West Brom have had a decent start to the season. If they win today they could go second after six games and if they did win, they'd also have more than three times as many points as us after six games. But we all know this isn't going to last for West Brom, much like it isn't lasting for Swansea.

So, if they win, what does it mean? Ultimately nothing, but it will have some thinking, because even if we win, we'd still have had a better start last season. But it means nothing because this season is about up and down. Last season was all about down

Prediction, updates and team news

So, the match kicks off in four hours and when we have team news it will be added and as and when there are updates, they'll be added here and on Twitter. I'm predicting a home win, but only because it is West Brom and they've not suddenly become a great side, they have a new manager and that isn't going to last for long.