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Aston Villa v West Ham: Updates and team news

There is a level of optimism surrounding Aston Villa today that worries me. It could be the clearest form of blind optimism that we are likely to experience as supporters and the worry is only because there is no basis for it, but it seems to have stretched as far as the bookmakers.

You see, some bookmakers have us as favourites to win today. And while I think we can because we have started to look better and it was never going to be instant with a new manager with no experience of the Premier League, making us the favourite to win does seem a stretch.

But, I have a feeling that something can happen today too. But I feel it can, because it must. And that is the biggest demonstration of blind optimism you are likely to come across today.

And you don't need me to write any more on the subject because I am the first to write that something isn't a must win game if it really isn't, but I believe today is must win. Because if we can win the next two, then I believe it gives us a real chance in 2016.

Updates and team news

So on that note, team news is in less than an hour and in a little under two the match kicks off. It's a massive game and I saw someone write something on Twitter earlier; this is the easiest team talk the manager should have with these players.