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Aston Villa welcome Everton: Odds, passing, possession and wanting the ball

My head says we're not going to lose today. My head is usually right on a single issue, but naturally when taking an educated guess on a series of events, it can always be wrong.

And my heart says we can win. But in 90 minutes of football absolutely anything can happen and that's why it doesn't matter what we think it's what actually happens.

So it comes down to eleven men kicking a ball around a pitch. And as long as we kick it short and not long, we've got a chance. As long as the players want the ball, as in go looking for it rather than hoping it comes to them, then we have a better chance.

And as long we keep the ball longer than Everton and create the opportunities, I'm sure we will win. But this is our fifth home game of the season and we've lost three and only won once. I think it's fair to say that we're not best at home.

And I know it's simple to break it down to not losing the ball, wanting the ball and creating more chances, but we're not doing these things and Brad Guzan seems to be kicking long whenever he gets the ball. And it doesn't look like our players want the ball.

Updates and team news

But it is going to change. It changed last season and it will change this year, we just hope that it changes earlier than it did last time. And that next season it changes sooner than this one.

So when the team comes out we'll put it below, but I'm not sure it matters. What matters is that we go out and play the right way. But seeing as this is the team section, I suspect Benteke will start and I think, or hope, that he will be looking at making an impression.

I'm not saying it all comes down to Benteke, but I think when he plays, the others like it. There is a belief that something can happen and that helps.

So on that note, the end of the match post for now. Team news when it is out and updates throughout the day below. Don't forget, if you've got links to anything interesting, don't be scared to share.


And even though I'm not having a bet you can get a great price on us today. A great price if you think we're going to win that is. 11/5 at PaddyPower and if you like you can double your money here.