At Everton, unionised football, updates and team news

Labour came up with some idea to win votes this week that would in effect force the likes of Randy Lerner and Bill Kenwright to sell part of the business they own to supporters, so supporters could have a say on the goings on of the club, like ticket prices.

If only there was a way for the club to really know what supporters thought, we'd be able to not bother with all this and move on. My point is, the clubs are charging these prices because they can and nobody is holding a gun to the heads of the people spending money.

Basically, I'm not sure I want to be involved in some sort of unionised sport. But that's just me and I'm not always right. But this is also a Labour party PR stunt and we all know it will never happen.

At Everton

But today is about Everton and just because they're on the verge of the relegation zone and it's starting to look like Martinzez has been found out, we shouldn't forget that they finished 5th last season and today marks the fifth game in a row where we've played the top five from last season.

But the likes of Everton and Liverpool for that matter, are different to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City and that is why we can win today. It's why we should win.

The gap between us and fifth place isn't as big as many would think. The gap between us and top four however is huge. But Liverpool showed last season, that all you need is a bit of luck, a good run and a world class player to fall into your lap and anything is possible.

And that is why I think we can win today. And I'm not even going to write that I think we will win or that we have to win. I think we can and I think with that knowledge, it's mostly about if they want to.

Updates and team news

So, with that all written, it's about the match. Team news and all that is coming as it always does, but not to put too much pressure on the result, because a win is really important, we've got to play the right way, got to create chances and we've got to look like we are on the right path.

We are coming to the end of October and this match is ours for the taking.

And in terms of team news, we know that Delph is out, so for me that should be Sanchez starting and there is talk that Vlaar and Benteke are back, which should make thinks a little more interesting, but no speculating on the team, that will come through an hour before kick off.