At Leicester, the dead game, Portland Timbers and even Leicester could win the MLS

It's that time again when I wake up, look at the papers and start adding numbers to try and figure out what I need to break even. We're not quite at miracle level needed and I'm confident I'll win it back with the Champions League, but it shouldn't be this hard.

But I love Sunday football and it makes yesterday easily forgotten. And if we win today, while we'll still be a point behind Leicester, we'll be above the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea and that will be enough for many. Because now for that same many, it's about the single match. For many, it's not about winning silverware anymore, it's a week to week thing. Football will soon be dead so we should enjoy it while we can still recognise parts of it.

That's a bold thing to say, but the game isn't fair and it's fairly unrecognisable to what football looked like 30 years ago. It's maybe why David Beckham is building his team in the United States, instead of buying one in the Premier League. The game is growing over there while it's getting smaller here. Look at Leicester; the only reason Claudio Ranieri is managing that club is because of the money and he nor the supporters care that much that he'll be gone in 18 months, because it's about the single games and because they know they're never going to win anything.

In the Unites States, Leicester could win the league. There is something fair about that and we all know Beckham will win it with his team. There is something honest about starting the season with hope.

But today I have to pretend like I care about the result and that it means something. There you go, the penny just dropped for me. It really doesn't matter for anyone, we just pretend and we make a show out of it. I've even given up hope that it will change.

The match with updates

But with all that written, I am going to watch Spurs at Sunderland and I am going to watch Aston Villa at Leicester. I'm going to watch when supporters start to question Sherwood and I'm going to watch when those same supporters praise him after he wins the next match. And I'll be there at the end of the season when we don't win silverware and we don't finish in the top four.

I can't not watch and I can't not have an opinion on why things are not happening or why they are. You don't pick your Football Club, it picks you. But if I had to pick a side in the MLS, I think I'd pick Portland Timbers. I mean why not?

But it's early and you know that optimism grows closer to the match and in three hours I might believe we can win the league. In three hours though there is every chance I'll be a little drunk. But if I was to have a bet and you know I probably will, I'll be putting it on the draw.

Team news and updates coming and even now, as I'm four minutes after writing what I wrote, I'm looking forward to the match just a little bit more, even though I know the game is dead.