Battle in Wales: Aston Villa at Cardiff and a very important match

Cardiff is an important match for us and luckily for us we're away from Villa Park and we're playing against a side that is going to give it a go. They have to give it a go, because even if they win tonight, they're still in bottom three.

And that is good for us because our style of play, not quite at the same standard as Sam Allardyce, is very much focused on sides coming at us and with a bit of luck Ole Gunnar Solskjær will still believe he made the right choice in joining Cardiff and think they've got a chance.

What I think he'll do is tell his players to be aware of our counter attacking style, but still have a go when what he should be saying is, play sensible football and let them come at us. Sadly, most managers now know that that is the way to play against us and if they don't and if Cardiff come at us tonight and if they lose, it will be because Solskjær got it wrong.

And that is the sad truth of where we find ourselves. The hope for tonight is that Marc Albrighton is still playing for a new contract and doesn't believe all the hype and think he's got it sewn up already, but I many others suspect when he's got it, he's going to become regular old Albrighton again.

So if he can put in the type of performance that he put in the other day, I think he'll create chances and if Paul Lambert doesn't start him after the performance he put in after coming on the other day then Lambert will be wrong.

It's sort of sad that we know what is going to happen. Or should happen.

An important match though

All that sadness aside, this is an important match and I got a little carried away with my hope for what might happen against West Ham, so I'm not getting carried away today, even though we are away from home and this is most definitely one of the best opportunities we have for three points coming up.

In football, anything can happen. But I still fancy Cardiff will be relegated this season. And even though I think we'll help them on their way tonight, it's not written in stone.

Team news and anything else we can find throughout the day but rumour on the street is if we get three points tonight, Lambert will be offered a seven year deal. Lerner is happy.