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Big match: Aston Villa v West Brom

Don't ask me why, I think it was when I was young, but I've always thought of West Brom as the big match. I know that recently many will say it's Birmingham City, but they're just an embarrassment to the name of our great city and while it was fun for a while, they really are a second tier side.

So this is a big match tonight and it's one that brings with it a great opportunity. We're above West Brom in the table, which ironically is our rightful place, but if they win tonight, they go above us. Funny how it works.

And the opportunity tonight is to show that the Liverpool performance wasn't a fluke and that we really do have something about us. I know Liverpool didn't start well, but a big part of that is because of how well we started.

We need to start like that tonight and when we get the two goals, instead of sitting back, we control the game with the ball and create more chances. Liverpool did it last night against Everton (they could have so easily won by more) and that is what we have to do tonight.

We have to show it wasn't a fluke and we have to be a little bit better. Not too much to ask for is it. I mean, it's only West Brom.

Some stats, thanks to the BBC

  • We've only earned five points from their last eight matches
  • We are winless in our last five home games in the league and have the worst home record in the division
  • Eight points is our lowest tally after 11 home matches in 103 top-flight seasons, joint with 1935-36 and 1954-55 (adjusted to three points for a win)
  • We have lost 25 of their last 49 league matches at Villa Park, earning just 46 points in that period (W11, D13, L25)
  • We have won double the amount of points away (16) than we have at home (8) this season
  • We've conceded 55% of our goals in the first half, the highest proportion in the league this season
  • We have scored in our last five matches in all competitions. Our best scoring run this season
  • Benteke has scored in consecutive Premier League appearances, having previously gone 11 league games without a goal

Fairly depressing statistics from the BBC, but they do pick up towards the end. We'll win tonight and some will start to believe that Lambert does know what he's doing. He'll ruin all that though if he signs Hoolahan.

And then some will start asking why he can't do this at the start of the season. But that is another post. I'll just be happy with a win and an improved performance.

Updates and West Brom banter

You can't really have a laugh with a West Brom fan, but well try. Any want to try and prove me wrong, leave a comment below.

Team news and everything else coming later and don't forget the discussion playground here.