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Well, it's game day. On a Friday. When will this ever end and what do we all do when there isn't this much football? And I for one think this is going to be a very interesting match, for all of the right reasons.

By right reasons I mean, we've got a large group of players that seem to clicked in their respective groups. We had one team start last weekend and another start in the League Cup. Maybe there will be a little bit of mixing and hopefully, if there is, it will work. I'm sure it helps that both teams are playing the same way.

But that's later. I've got another thing to mention and there seems to be a lot of talk about a certain West Ham player joining us for the rest of the season on loan. Yes, I'm talking about Robert Snodgrass and if you listen to the player, he hasn't been happy playing at West Ham because he's been asked to play on the left. The player himself says his best position is on the right.

And you know what, I'd rather have Green on the left, because it's his position and he's one of ours, over a player that doesn't want to play on the left and has made little impact on the left. But I'd also prefer Elmo or Adomah on the right, because they've spent time there, they know how we want to play now and if I had to pick one reason, we look like we're starting to build a little continuity.

As for those that say he could also play the number ten. How many of us are not happy with Hourihane right now and we have cover?

I'm just not a fan of buying players for buying players sake. I know I'm sensitive.

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Anyway, I'll be back later before the match. Right now, I have things to be doing. But if you wanted a bet today, it's an Aston Villa win.

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