Current form table counts, Liverpool today and the case for Leicester

It's a big ask, but if Aston Villa win today we will be five points from safety with twelve games to go. And that is still a big ask but it's a lot better than where we were. We've still got to make up the points and we're still a long way from where we need to be, but we're playing a side we can beat today.

You'll have Liverpool fans tell you that the manager needs time and a summer to bring in his own players, but that's an excuse and for a number of years we're going to be able to dismiss most excuses that supporters and clubs come up with because of Leicester. Liverpool are now a mid-table side and we stand as good a chance as any in winning today.

And past results mean nothing. The best indicator is probably current form and we're 8th while Liverpool are 18th. Right now, this game is as winnable as we want it to be and it's a great opportunity to start to make some people believe.

Some statistics for flavour

  • We have lost only one of the last five league fixtures (W2, D2), keeping clean sheets in three of them.
  • We have claimed eight points during this period, as many as we earned in the opening 20 league games.
  • Last weekend's win over Norwich was only our 19th victory in the last 82 league games at Villa Park since December 2011.
  • We've scored 20 goals, including just six in the first-half of matches - the lowest tallies in the division.
  • Under Remi Garde we've taken just four points (D4, L8) from 12 games against the current top 10. Only Sunderland, with two points, have fared worse.

What those statistics from the BBC tell you is that we should look to current form. Statistics mean something yes, but today it's about none of them. Today it's about beating a mid-table team. We have to believe we can go and do it and we have to lead. No chasing this game because the minute we have to chase this game is the minute we give up the victory.


So, that written it's about settling in for an afternoon of football and it starts with Leicester at Arsenal and I know Leicester winning the title is still a long shot, but wouldn't we all just love it if it happened. I mean, a team purchased for just over £20mn winning the Premier League will just go to prove that it's not about how much you spend but about how you're managed. Shit, there is a good argument for that now.

I'm going in on Leicester and us today. It's my bet and it makes me think of positive things. I'll be back just before lunch.