FA Cup Sunday: Aston Villa v Leicester

There is a little bit of optimism at the moment but that comes with a new manager. And while he might be sitting in the stands for today and not taking an active role, this is his Aston Villa now, so the statistic goes against his name. And this means I think he'll be saying something.

But this is just the FA Cup and this is just a side show for the real reason we have a new manager. This game means very little today if success in the competition jeopardises our Premier League status. But it would be fantastic to have a good run if we were winning our other games.

And I'm not doubt someone will say that it's about winning and it is and so we do want to win this. There are not that many matches left until a trip to Wembley. It's just that there are only so many games of this Premier League season left too, so that is where the focus should be, but with Sherwood walking into this game, I guess this is where it is today.

And you've got to fancy that this is a good opportunity for us to win. The players will hopefully be playing trying to demonstrate something. They'll be given instructions ether directly or indirectly by Sherwood when he makes his way to the dressing room to say hello to everyone.

And Leicester are bottom of the table, so everything points to a win for me, it really does and I'm not even going to consider defeat or even contemplate it. Not when we can start with the likes of Guzan, Vlaar, Delph and Benteke, a spine that many a team would be happy with.

Updates and all that

So with that written, I've got a few hours to get some stuff done and I'm going to get it done, but updates will be here and on Twitter. But it is going to be interesting who he starts with and even though the reports say he's going to be in the stands, it is his Aston Villa now.

And new manager syndrome will play a part today. So get your money on Aston Villa to win today because if things go the way we want them to it's not going to be that many more days where you'll get 6/4.