Gargle gargle, big Saturday at Newcastle, Tim Sherwood asking

I've had another one of those weeks that has left me shattered on a Saturday morning, but you don't want to hear about that. You might want to hear about me waking up with butterflies on Wednesday, thinking about Aston Villa. How can football do this?

We know why it can and I even know that it's stupid to continue this because I know it's never going to change. And I know that I'm a mug for letting it, but I limit the amount of mugging off I feel so I think of it as my decision to stay in, but I could just as easily step away and follow from afar and as I've been thinking about that for a while, the appeal becomes quite appealing.

But that doesn't matter for now, today is all about Newcastle and I can tell you now what's going to happen right now based on the result that comes in. First, if we lose there will be a growing group of people coming to the conclusion that maybe Tim Sherwood really doesn't have the experience and maybe the hiring of Tim Sherwood was the biggest mistake that Tom Fox has made.

If we draw at Newcastle, then there will be some that say Newcastle is a tough place to go and we should be happy with a point. And they'll be saying that even if we remain in the relegation zone. Would you be happy remaining in the relegation zone? Think about that if by the end of the day we are still there because we drew.

If we win and I'd like to be able to say that I think this is going to happen but I'm not sure yet because as you know I'm not sure that Tim Sherwood has the experience or nous to get it done, but if he does, then there will be some people here saying that he's going to win the next three and he's going to keep us safe and that they always knew that he was going to do it.

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I can tell you that we all want Aston Villa to win and Tim Sherwood wants the win too, otherwise that means six wins from the next eleven, which is one match away from six wins from ten matches and then the realisation for all those that Tim Sherwood really isn't the man. But let's hope that Sherwood is the man.

From exactly now, I'm going to believe that we're going to win and just accept that Tim Sherwood is the man. And this afternoon, from 2pm I'm going to be fully optimistic on here and on Twitter that we're going to win. I might even put my mortgage payment on Aston Villa to win, just to try and convince myself, sorry, convince you guys.