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Hull live, links, a bet and expecting three points

I've seen a lot written about the importance of this match and there is even a chance that I've had a part to play in that. And it is a big match for Steve Bruce, because he's had his two windows and a pre-season. It's as if everything has been building towards this.

I also think we will win and I expect it too. But if it doesn't happen, I'm not going to embarrass myself and I hope that nobody else does.

But what I want in football and what actually happens are usually different things. There will be some out there that make it impossible for us. But they have to be ignored.

Which is why, I'm going to imagine for this post that we win 4-0 today and everyone is happy tonight. It's more fun to think like that. It's also more fun to put a bit of money on John Terry to score on his debut - odds are 25/1 with Unibet here.

Links and links

If you didn't know, you'll be able to watch the match on the Unibet website (you have to have an account) but it's also a Sky match. I also expect to see some people sharing links later in the comments.

You can also now sign up to the AVTV Live service from the Club, so if you live overseas you can watch all the games that are not on Sky. I've signed up and I'll be able to report soon on the quality of the service. I don't think they would have messed this up because it shouldn't be difficult. But .. you never know with Aston Villa. There is always someone that thinks they know best.

To the match

And that's really about it. This is a post for the match and the truth is, it's what the summer was all about and it comes to this. Win and we will all be happy. Defeat and you'll have some calling for Bruce to go. Some even suggesting that it's important to do it now, before we really get started. Oh, the stupidity.

This will be a good season. I'll be back later.