Lambert bingo, at Newcastle, win lose or draw

Massive game today. Lose and we're right in it, but win and we're giving ourselves a little breathing space. This is a massive game.

And I don't mean to set them up, but the players have had a nice break away, sitting on a beach or by the pool, so there can be no excuses about energy levels and with this extra time away, you would like to think that maybe they've worked on a few things too.

This should be a game that we go all out to win with no excuses. And on form, it's one we should win. But this is Newcastle, they have some good players and they're going to win at home eventually. But there you go, I'm already making excuses and the game hasn't even started.

An opportune day

I don't know how else to put this match. It would be nice to see Albrighton play with the same desire if he starts and it would be nice to see Benteke come good and show us what we all know he is capable of.

Basically, it would just be nice to see something more than what we've seen this season. Lambert needs to show that he can get these players playing football the right way and there are no more excuses that can be brought up. It's nearly two seasons and the football hasn't changed much.

Both of those players are playing for something and they need to show they are worth it.

Updates and team news

But the match kicks off in a couple of hours but seeing as it's a Sunday, I'm here for the day. I might pop away for a few minutes, but as soon as we have team news or anything else, up it will go.

And, you know what, regardless of result we can still play Lambert Bingo later. So get your thoughts down now, along with a prediction.