The League Cup, formation and team

Last time we came to the League Cup, I wrote we should keep the same team, to start that winning feeling and hopefully take it into the next match. We didn't. We won, but the team that won didn't play the next match and we didn't win.

We won last time out and I hope we play as many as we can from that match. At the very least, we have to play the same formation. I don't know how others saw it, but I saw it as a 4-2-3-1 or as I used to like to write, a variation of 4-5-1. For me, the important thing is one up front, with the five in the middle attacking on the wings and defending when we've not got the ball.

The thing that I'm hoping for is continuity. If you have a squad of players and they all play a certain way, in a certain formation, it's easier to swap players in and out. If you change that formation, it's harder. It's even harder when you are changing formations and player roles.

In an ideal world, we'd play one game a week, never have any injuries and can have eleven subs on the bench. But we can't. But we can make it easier.

Wigan in the League Cup

So I think you know I think it important to build continuity and a philosophy. But this post is mostly about tonight and from reports I've seen, it looks like Steer and Samba are coming in for sure. I'd like to put forward an argument for Callum O'Hare too, to replace Hourihane ... only because I think him and O'Hare are similar players.

As for Davis, I think Friday is for him and maybe Scott Hogan can start instead, but as the lone striker with the intention of acting as the target man. I think he'll score too, if he's fit to play. And I think Lansbury should continue for Onomah and Bree for Hutton. I like Hutton, but I think we need to look to Bree or De Laet moving forward.

And you know what, lets change the entire starting lineup from the weekend, I'm not sure it matters that much as long as we keep the formation. Let these players learn how the manager wants them all to play. I'm going around in circles.

Updates and team news

So, I'm not sure if the match is on TV, but it will be on AVTV radio. There might also be streams later. Team news will be below though about an hour before kick off. Lets hope for three points. Yes, I know it's the League Cup.

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