Leeds, clean and video

I want to refer to them as dirty Leeds or inbred, but I also don't want to be that person. I mean, we don't pick our Club, it picks us, right? What am I on about?

It's Friday and I've had a week and Friday is usually my only day of the week where I'm not conscious of other things going on around me. Dirty Leeds. It's when I sort of know nothing is going to raise it's horrible head and nothing is going to happen where I have to drop things.

Dirty inbred Leeds. Now, it's not that I dislike Leeds as a team, I mean, the dirty tag was around a while before I was, but there is something I don't quite get about Leeds. And I don't know why.

I don't like Birmingham City for obvious reasons, but I've never much cared for Leeds either. And that is why tonight is interesting. It's interesting because I just like beating them and I don't like them to do well. Call me a grumpy old man. Dirty, dirty Leeds.

And tonight is also important because if we don't win, we can pretty much write off automatic promotion. Because I think we'll find that we not only need to win all the remaining games to have a chance, we have to hope that Fulham and Cardiff have a mare.

But because it's Friday and before everyone else, we can convince ourselves, for a few hours anyway, that there is a chance. I'll be back in an hour after I've washed of the dirty dirty Leeds.

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