Match Day: Aston Villa travel to Anfield

I'm not sure if the results yesterday have actually made it harder for us or not. I think they probably have as there is more pressure on us to get something and more pressure on Liverpool and I fancy that Liverpool can handle that pressure more than us.

It's not a criticism, it's just an opinion, but one I'd love to be proven wrong on, as I've got two Liverpool fans coming round to me later to watch the game - it's not going to be easy if it does go all horrible.

But that is for later, I don't want to get to wound up just yet. This post is about the match and I'll be updating it all day with links and information as I find it and if you find anything worth linking to, please add it in the comment box below.

First, is the prediction from Marky Mark. You won't be surprised to find out that he's gone for a Liverpool win but I think he also fancied we'd beat Spurs last week, so he's may be in a bit of a slump.

Right, that's it for now. I will have this page open all day and along with Twitter, we'll be running the match off here, but before I go, a rumour, because I've just found it.

In a bid to keep fans happy after losing Gareth Barry in the summer, we're going to bring in Wes Brown from Manchester United. He can play at right back or at centre back and the fee is believed to be around £3.5mn.

If I had to give this rumour a rating out of five, I'd give it a four. There was talk in the previous summer of Wes Brown but it never happened and we all know Martin O'Neill is quite stubborn, so he'll probably keep going after him.

Match Preview from the Manager

"Their last couple of results have been excellent. If there had been any political wrangling before Rafa signed his new contract it didn't seem to affect the team. They have picked up excellent results - one in the Champions League against Real Madrid and another in the Premier League at Old Trafford. They were great results indeed.

"They will think that to go on and clinch the title Manchester United will have to drop a few points. Liverpool would also need to win every game."

Team News

Friedel, Reo-Coker, Davies, Cuellar, L. Young, Milner, Petrov, Barry, A. Young, Heskey, Carew.

Substitutes: Guzan, Shorey, Knight, Gardner, Salifou, Delefouneso, Agbonlahor.

Twitter Updates

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