Match day: Aston Villa v Sunderland and a win would be nice

Most people in football could have told you that Sunderland were going to struggle this season and not because of the manager although if he stays much past November I'd be very surprised. No, it was because they looked doomed last season and nothing has changed.

And they have been poor this season. But we've not been great. And the thing is they've not made nearly as many chances to personal as us, so it must be that they know each other too well. From my sarcasm you've probably figured out that the 'them getting to know each other' excuse is wearing thin with me now.

And actually, three points would be more than nice today and my heart tells me we can score goals against Sunderland and if everything happens as it's supposed to happen, we could. Does Traoré is the question, because if he does I think we score more.

And I know I sound like a kid at Christmas when I say that, but he really does have the ability to make shit happen. Very soon, clubs are going to be putting two players on him because every time he gets the ball one on one, he goes past the other player. It's not going to be long before it gets tough for him and that is going to be when we find out how good he is and if all he has in the locker is the ability to skip past a player, cross and score goals.

Yes, I chuckled when I wrote that. If that's all he has. Anyway, Sunderland are there for the taking today they really are. But Sherwood once again has a headache in so much what side is he going to pick. Does he pick Sinclair, who is not a striker but scored three the other night over Ayew, Gestede and Gabby?

The front four

I think it's fair to say that he isn't going to pick Kozák and I think that's sad, but he was never his player and now he's seen him, the decision is made. But Ayew and Gestede are his players, but Sinclair scored three the other night and it's hard not to pick that player again and even though he's not an out and out striker, neither was Henry (it's a stretch, but I'm making my point).

Lets look at this from a left-back point of view. I think it's much easier for the manager to say to Joe Bennett that Jordan Amavi is his first choice and I think it's a lot easier for Joe Bennett to accept. I don't think you can say to any striker or attacking player in our squad that there is someone guaranteed a place before them.

Which makes it harder for Tim Sherwood. But I don't think it's necessarily about who is picked. I think it's about them all understanding the right way to play football. If they all know that, he can pick any four players to play the attacking role and we should do well. He could pick any four and we should beat Sunderland.

Bets for the day

I'm entering the market again for the first time this season and I usually always end up at PaddyPower because I know the interface but I'm not hearing great things about them and when I look at the odds, I'm seeing better elsewhere all the time. So I need some advise on where to go. I like to bet through my phone and I like it connected to my PayPal account. As long as there is a good app and I can add funds that way, I'm happy. Any suggestions?

And for the bets for the day, I'm changing once again my strategy and I'm going double and treble only. My returns last season on single matches was profitable but not massively so and I know I should be happy with that, but I'm not doing this for a living, it's for fun and a few extra quid in the pocket. So, I'm going back to the more riskier type bet and it's more fun.

So my bets today and I'll place them as soon as I find a bookmaker are going to be; Everton, Manchester City and Chelsea. You'll think it mad, but again I'm doing it for the risk. I should really have just Manchester City and Chelsea, but putting £10 on with PaddyPower is only going to get me £15 back and even adding Liverpool to make it a treble is getting me £22. With Everton in the mix and I think they can beat Spurs today, it's £62 and it means the last match of the day is interesting if Manchester City and Chelsea win.

Basically, I'd not follow my betting strategy this season. Unless I win today and then you'll be all back. But I think I'm maybe only taking a risk today because it's the first bet of the season.

Updates and team news

Right, I need a bookmaker please and when that's done, I'll be back. We've got a day of football to look forward to and you don't get many better days than dedicating it to football, beer and bets. Megan Fox would be proud.

And when there is news, it's going in the comments. And that is where you tell me the bookmaker with the app and PayPal transfers. And make your prediction and not just the score, but who will start. I think it's safe to say Sinclair is in, but is he going to be play as the main striker even after the manager has two of his own? I think he should.