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Monday night football: Aston Villa at West Brom

I'm sure I've written in the past about why football should be at 3pm on a Saturday, but there is something about Monday night football that is nice. It could be that we know all the other results and fate is in our hands or it could just be that it's almost like the weekend has been extended, just for us.

Either way, I'm looking forward to tonight, it has been a while since we played. And that will be good for us.

Last time out we beat Cardiff and we did it in a way that showed some potential. We took the chances that were presented to us and it would have, hopefully, shown that be doing the right things we can win.

It wasn't a convincing victory where we had the lions share possession but we did have more shots and we did create more chances. Hopefully tonight we can do the same and maybe take control of the game.

But we don't need to go into what needs to happen, we all know and we'll all see later if it happens. Tonight is about blood and tears. It always has to be about blood and tears to win, everything else comes from the training ground.

Playing away

And we do better away from home. Of the last 20 matches, we've won or drawn 14 of them, only losing six. And in this particular fixture, if memory serves me correctly, we've got the upper hand too.

And with only goal difference separating us, we have to take this opportunity. Three points tonight not only sees us go above West Brom, but above Swansea too. It's a great chance to move up the table and I think we'll all take it, regardless of how we play.

But playing away from home suits us and this match will suit us because West Brom will come at us. Which leads to the question of who is going to play.

There are also a few players potentially available for tonight that didn't play last time and I know this doesn't need to be written, but we won last time out and making changes does carry a risk.

Ask yourself this, do Delph, Luna, Weimann and Gabby deserve to start? You all know how I think we should set ourselves up but just because these guys are fit, should they walk into the team, especially when you consider who they could be replacing; the goal scorers from the last game.

Updates, team news and prediction

Kick off is at 8pm and pretty much all day, because it's like a Saturday, there will be updates and possibly links to interesting match related or not, articles.

Your prediction below is needed but for me, this is an away win. West Brom are a decent side, but they're on the same points as us and we're better away from home than they are at home, when you consider that teams should be better at home.

I just think we have enough, especially considering that West Brom will come at us and that either Gabby or Weimann will likely start on the bench and come on to make a match winning performance for us.