Short man syndrome, chasing every ball down against Newcastle, some match facts and a video

There is something about Newcastle United fans that I can't quite put my finger on. They're not bitter or actually they are, but that isn't where it ends. There is this neanderthal element too. Now, it's not all of them, but there are a lot of them. They're loud. You hear them coming. And they're proud of it. And if you're in Newcastle, you have to be loud to be heard, so I can understand.

Newcastle fans have got short man syndrome. That's it, I've literally just figured it out for myself.

And the thing is, they'll not understand it. And it's not all of them. I know three or four Newcastle fans that live in London and they're perfectly normal and fully appreciate the Club they support for what it is. SO strange I just figured it out now while writing this.

Anyway, all that to one side it's the football that matters today and well, I want to believe that we're going to win today because we've got the players, but even though deep down I believe we lack the manager, I also believe he has to be given time. Remember, we need four points from the remaining two games this month - getting three today will be an important start.

And as I wrote the other day, a win is important today. An emphatic win could be what turn around our season. Defeat would mean the CEO having to have a chat with the owner and them having to create a short list very quickly. Although in fairness, I suspect they've already done that and the list isn't very large.

Defeat today is not something that can be allowed to happen. The only thing that has to happen today is three points and if that means they have chase down every ball, then that is what they have to do. Today is important, for the manager but also some of the players.

Match facts

  • Newcastle United are unbeaten in their 10 most recent league encounters with us.
  • Jordan Ayew has had the most shots in the Championship this season (21 - jointly with Brentford's Scott Hogan) but is yet to register a goal.
  • The Magpies have won their last three away league games, having won three times in their previous 33 away league games.
  • No side has lost most points from winning positions in the Championship this season than Villa (9). They have gone ahead in five games, but won just one of them.
  • No side in the Championship this season has seen more different names on the scoresheet than Newcastle (11).

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