Not like it used to be, at Manchester United

Manchester United fans are slowly coming round to the realisation that they may not have the dominance they once had and that it might be for a long time to come. And that doesn’t make today easier for Aston Villa, but it does sort of put the glory hunting, living inside the M25 Manchester United fans in their place.

And that shouldn’t be a thing and it isn’t and I’m not sure why I wrote it, but after so many years of not thinking we had a chance against them, there is the belief and not just from our supporters but others, that you can go to Old Trafford and get something.

And even though Manchester United could go second today if they beat us, they’d still be a long way behind Chelsea and we all know it’s going to be different for Manchester City next season. United are going to struggle for a few more seasons.

To the match, the match

All that written above, it’s not going to be easy. You could almost say that Manchester United are our bogey team; we always seem to get beaten by them and at Old Trafford it’s always going to be tough.

But under Sherwood we always have a good half and as long as in the other we can keep Manchester United out then we can get something from today and that’s why things are different.

And everyone expects Manchester United to win and sometimes it is those matches, especially when playing against a side where you are not entirely sure about how they are going to go out and play, when upsets happen. Basically, we’ve got nothing to lose.

And on that, because it’s taken me an hour to get his post up with the really poor internet coverage I’ve got myself into, I’ll be back for the early kick off and then the rest of the afternoon. Going to be a fun day of football and my ‘lady’ is on West Brom and Chelsea today.

And before I go; Richard was right about Vlaar and if I was the manager, I’d not be playing him again as he’s not going to give us 100% as he’s not going to risk the biggest pay day of his career for us. And you know what; I’d prefer Baker or Clark over Vlaar but I think I’ve written that before.