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A former player, a current player and Preston tonight

Before we get to tonight and moving swiftly along from the weekend, did you know that Olof Mellberg has managed IF Brommapojkarna in Sweden for the past two seasons and in that time he's had consecutive promotions, meaning the team will now play in the top flight of Swedish football?

I only ask, because I think it's interesting. I've also seen a few games and you could say they are my Swedish team and I follow when I can. Admittedly, it's only been a few games this season, but you all know it's been a busy year.

It's also worth pointing out that the quality of football in Sweden in the third and second divisions isn't nearly as good as the second and third divisions in England, but you can only manage what you have and against what is put in front of you. I'm not saying that Mellberg will do great in a bigger league. I'm merely trying to say that to achieve what he has achieved is quite impressive and as a former Aston Villa player, I thought you might be interested.

Have to go out to win

But we have to put that aside for now, because tonight we go to Preston. And anyone would be foolish to use the term 'must win' after 14 games of the season, but if we want to keep up with where we would like to be, then tonight is a must win game. But that doesn't mean we have to win, it's merely must win so the negativity doesn't rear it's ugly head again.

And to do that, we've got to want to win the match. We didn't want to beat the clowns the other day, we simply didn't want to lose. The manager got what he wanted and you could position it that we were unlucky not to get the three points. But as he didn't go out looking for that, the point doesn't really count.

Tonight, we have to go out wanting to win. And if the news that Kodjia is not able to play tonight is true, I think our chances will be better. I mean not to knock the player, but he doesn't create opportunities and he's greedy. Yes, his 19 goals last season were great, but what about the 20 goals we didn't score because he didn't pass when he should?

When Davis came on against the clowns, he did more in his first five minutes than Kodjia did in the first 75 and we need our players to be playing as part of a team to create chances. The bottom line is that I think Davis offers more than Kodjia and I wrote it after his first game. That it showed again when he came on against the clowns was nice.

That he may have the opportunity to show it again today, I think is a great opportunity for the player. But if he continues on this trajectory, I think we have to accept he'll be off when he has the opportunity and I'd not be surprised. I'd be sad, especially as we rescued his career, but can you blame him if the rumours are true?

Team news and updates

So on that note, it's bloody early, but I woke at 4am after six hours sleep and this post had to get published. So here it is. Hopefully I don't fall asleep on the sofa and I'm here to watch it later. That's the plan.

And no video, but please share something below.

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