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Paul Lambert shouldn't complicate things today: Hit long and prosper

I know that describing this game as a 'cup final' acts as a little bit of a reminder that we're actually crap and that if this is what the manager has to do, to get people up for this match, we're more than doomed, we're absolutely looking over the edge and about to drop.

And I've written it before, but we have to play a way that suits us today but also isn't too much of a change so the players don't know what they're doing. We have to go out today and just play as if it's the last ten minutes and the other team has just scored.

Hit long and get the ball into the box as often as we can. Put Grant Holt on and put him at the absolute top and pepper him with balls and have the likes of Gabby and Weimann looking for the offerings. Let's not pretend today, let's just get it done.

Nothing else matters and we shouldn't try to pretend today. It's too late in the season to start acting like we're anything other than what we are and today, we need more than just the manager clapping and geeing up the players, we need the liked of Given and Cowans and Villa Park.

It really is that important and not complicated. We have the left, right and straight up the middle. If a defender (and I count our midfielders in this group too because I expect them to be playing as defenders) is taking more than two touches, we play to the opposite wing. If we can play quick, we play centre or same wing and if the players know this, they'll be able to react. We're basically playing like Pulis, when he was at Stoke.

I know I'm making this sound easy and it shouldn't be, but our manager has made it easy this season. Our football has been quite basic. Let's not try and change that today.

Team news and updates

So, on that, because it shouldn't be hard, I'm making this easy. Updates are coming and team news will be here as well as a link or two no doubt.

But today is going to be a big day but probably not because of what happens at Villa Park, but that is important and should play a huge role. We need to win today but if we don't, we'll all be looking at results elsewhere.