Aston Villa at Arsenal: Live updates, team news, banter, links and possible permutations

Today isn't going to be easy but it could be fun and results could make things somewhat more interesting. You see, Arsenal are playing for a top three place and they don't want to finish fourth - they will play to win and chances are that will happen.

However, it is getting a little bit interesting. You see, West Ham will be relegated today and if Fulham don't lose, then the final weekend of the season will be even more interesting.

Permutations and possibilities

I'm not actually sure if permutations is the right word, but it sounds right, so here goes. If Fulham win or even draw today, The Clowns are right in the mix of the relegation dog fight. I know it is a little childish but after the season we've had, I'm looking for things to make this one better and if they went down, it would make me happy, for a couple of minutes anyway.

So, we want Wigan to win today and I think they will, which will be confirmation of West Ham going down and put Wigan on 39 points and right in the mix. We will then have Wigan, Blackpool, The Clowns, Wolves and Blackburn playing for Premier League survival next weekend and with Spurs potentially playing for fifth, if they win at Anfield today, it should make for a much more interesting last weekend to the season.

If Wigan do win today, they go to Stoke next weekend where they are going to be playing for survival, but I think that is a big ask. The Clowns are then playing at White Hart Lane and even if Spurs are not playing for fifth, it is going to be quite tough for them and they are going to need three points, especially if Wigan or Blackpool can get an away win on the last game of the season.

To top it all off, Blackpool are going to Old Trafford to play against a side have already won the league and will have one eye on the Champions League final. I think Blackpool could win next weekend and that will make it really interesting. This is another childish bit, we just want The Clowns to not win today - that would be the icing on the cake, for a couple of minutes anyway.

Aston Villa at Arsenal

Back to the match. We will be updating this page as and when we can and we will be updating the Twitter page and the Facebook page. You can also watch the match on this page if you didn't know, but it does cost. It is worth it, but that is just opinion.

Sunday speculation

The News of the World are saying that Ashley Young is going to turn down £80,000 a week to sign for Manchester United. Offering Ashley Young £80,000 a week is an insult, it really is. It is an insult if the powers that be see Ashley Young as a very important player for Aston Villa.

He might not be getting offered more by Manchester United or Liverpool but it is the simple economics of the deal. Ashley Young has cost us £100,000 a week since joining us - he should be offered more than that now, not less and he and his agent know that.

Right, before I get myself into trouble, the odds are below and I'm going to get something to eat.

Match odds

Team news

This is either 4-5-1 or 4-3-3. I call it a variation of 4-5-1 and when we are going forward it will look like 4-3-3 but when we are not in possession, Downing and Ashley will drop back and get involved.

The starting eleven is Friedel, Walker, Dunne, Collins, Luke Young, Delph, Reo-Coker, Petrov, Ashley Young, Downing and Bent. On the bench is Pires, Gabby, Albrighton, Bradley, Heskey, King Carlos and Marshall.