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At Preston, how things change, team news and updates

Honestly, what can I write about the match that you don't already know? And why should I focus on the match when we've got the owner to concentrate on. Have you seen what he has been sending out on Twitter?

Quite literally a few weeks ago, it was five year plan to be as big as Barcelona. Two hours ago it was 'a true friend is someone who accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future' along with 'apologising doesn't always mean you are wrong and others are right. Its just means you value your relationship more than ur ego'.

I don't know what is happening. Has our owner split up with his first girlfriend or is he high for the first time?

Seriously, we're going into a match and we don't know what is going to happen. If I didn't support Aston Villa, this would be comical. But I do and you know what, I had the acceptance phase, that our CEO and owner would do the right thing and now I think I'm entering the phase of if they don't know what they're doing, there is nothing I can do, so why should I care so much.

But I'm desperate for a win and not just because I'm an Aston Villa fan. For the past few weeks I've been doubling down on my bets, believing that we will win. And today, we're at a point that if I double down again there is no holiday in January if we don't win. But I have to keep going. Maybe I shouldn't have started with such a big bet to begin with. Maybe someone should not let me bet today.

Updates and team news

But the worst thing about today is that I'm not going to watch or hear the game and that while the game is on I'm going to be eating. It's one of those days that I can't get out of and when I said yes, I didn't know it was a Saturday. But that is how the wife positions things, months in advance. She doesn't tell me the day of the week and positions it as fun.

So, I'll be here for about an hour before kick off with team news and then I'm going to be hitting reload on the phone for updates. I need you to keep me updated today. The bet is going on, but I'll be needing you to keep things real around here. And this is my life now. Recycling now, shops and then waiting for team news.