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Six pointer at Villa Park: Aston Villa v Norwich

Scientists predict that by 2050 sea levels will have risen so much that Norwich could be under water. I predict that if we play kick and rush football today, we will be beaten by Norwich.

And to a large extent this would have to rest with Paul Lambert, it's his football and his players. So to that extent, the buck stops with him. If we play kick and rush and give the ball away cheaply, we will get beaten.

Lambert was never my first choice and I was surprised we went for him after one season in the Premier League and while he still has time to show that he is the right man, I suspect if we do not win today, the home support are going to turn on him and it wont be long before they turn on the CEO.

The sad thing is, it should be the CEO that goes before the manager, because this manager is hindered by this CEO, but that's another post. This post is about Norwich at Villa Park today.

Six pointer at Villa Park

It should be that with a quarter of the season to go, we're challenging for something or there is the chance of silverware but these days, we have to be happy with playing in the Premier League. We're not a Manchester City or West Ham, you know.

So, today is six points and it's not nice writing that. What is also not nice is if we do lose and the teams below us win their games in hand, we're in the bottom three. That is why this game is more than a six pointer. This is why we have to win this game.

We need the players to give more today. We need the players to not stop fighting. Above all that, we need to keep the ball, not give it away and create more chances than them and clear cut, not just hit and hope.

Team news and updates

So, with that rather depressing start to the day out of the way, we have to sit back and wait for the football. There will be team news as and when we get it and no doubt there will be some links of sorts and you never know, we might even have something positive to report later.

I'm here all day and I'm not going to link to the PR or stupid statements from other sites. I'm most certainly not going to comment on what Lambert said about Westwood or Grant Holt.