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Southampton at Villa Park: Hope and optimism but three points a distinct possibility

It hasn't been a typical week for Aston Villa supporters and I suspect there might be one or two more like it in the maybe not too distant future, but only one thing matters and with the changes in the week, I suspect it's gong to be a great atmosphere.

Three more points today and it will probably be enough (even I'm getting a bit nervous with my earlier prediction that 35 points would be enough). Fulham are the early kick off, away at Spurs and Cardiff host Stoke. Would you put any money on them winning?

And the atmosphere is going to be good, probably because of one man. Sid in the dugout is going to create an atmosphere of hope. The news this week that Aston Villa is probably for sale, will also give a sense of optimism.


And with all that written, there are a good few hours to the game, but I blindly believe it's possible. I believe the stories that training has been more up beat since Culverhouse has gone and I believe that Sid would have focused on the basics in training and Lambert would have them believing they can win today.

I believe, because of the stories. If we stay in the Premier League, we're going to have a new owner. The other half of me thinks this is all just perfect timing. And if it turns out just to be smoke, I'll start to believe that this is all planned PR, because that is what our club is good at.

I don't want to believe that. The last 48 hours have got me hoping for a new owner, but that's blind optimism too. But we can win today, that isn't blind.

Team news and everything else an hour before kick off, I've got work to do now.