Swansea at Villa Park: Updates, team news and a little something on the summer

Optimism is again high and that is a good thing. Defeat today and I think optimism will still be higher than it was for a very long time under Paul Lambert and that will be an overall positive but defeat today and this really is the optimism talking, looks unlikely.

Okay, to use the word unlikely when talking about a match considering our position is a little optimistic in itself, but we're only one place behind Swansea in the current form table and when you talk about Aston Villa these days, I think it fair that we use the current form table. And it's also important to point out that that current form table is only for the Premier League. Were we to factor in other matches, we might very well be ahead of Swansea.

So is it likely or not, it probably the wrong way to start. I'll get to the point; I think we'll beat Swansea today.

And that's really easy to write, but it's the optimism and it's Tim. Sherwood says all the right things and I even like that he talks about Spurs a lot, because he's going to get questions about Spurs all the time, especially when Harry Kane is getting picked fro England.

It's also nice to see that Tim is turning it around to him wanting to buy Delph when he was at Spurs - even if I didn't think he spent enough time at Spurs to enjoy a transfer window.

So I'm just going to leave my optimism for the next couple of hours and wait for the match. I fancy it's going to be a good one, mostly because there hasn't really been a dull one yet.

Updates and all that follow

So, team news will be with us about an hour before kick off and but we've got Manchester City and West Brom before that and maybe even an opportunity or two to take a beer or three.

So on that, another short post but that's about it at the moment. There isn't really much to talk about without engaging in the speculation about the club getting sold, which in all honesty wouldn't surprise me if true. It's been up for sale for a long time now and things are starting to look okay again. This is when the right people will be showing an interest, it's just are they going to be the right people for Aston Villa.

Time will tell and that's all for what will no doubt be a very interesting summer. Today is Swansea. Back in a bit.