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This is where the greatest ever begins: At West Ham

Call me deluded or mad and take a shot, I don't care because tonight is what many will refer to in years to come as the night we fought back and things turned good for Aston Villa. Tonight, will be the night you tell your grand kids about in a few years time.

And no, I've not had a drink but I do intend to. And I know, I made a promise not to drink in February, but I feel as if the club have let me down on that front, so I have a good excuse. And more on that tomorrow from me and probably Tim - he's got a post about to go up but I've not read it yet - sorry Tim.

Anyway, more about tonight. You see while everyone thinks we're going down, I think we still have a chance. I have often written that bringing in new players creates disruption and has an impact. All the other sides around us have brought in players and you can easily position it that those changes can be disruptive. We've not brought anyone in and until Manchester City the other day, we hadn't lost in five.

The truth is at the moment, we just don't know even if it looks likely. But even if it's likely, it's not a certainty and until it is, I'm going to sit on the side of hope, with my mate John Doyle.

Updates and team news

So with that written, I'll go get my beer. I'll settle in to some emails and I'll wait patiently, like Tom Fox has since taking over as CEO, for things to happen. For me, I know they'll happen, someone should tell Tom Fox there is a match tonight.

And before I go - I did an interview for the Manchester City website the other day. Did you read it? If not, this is the part that I trolled them with. Can you spot it? Beer itme and back in a while.

Steve Hodge Mcfc