Time to bite down, Chelsea are coming: Updates and team news

Jose Mourinho has never beaten Aston Villa at Villa Park and if by the end of the day that statistic remains, I think everyone will be happy. But with Chelsea at 4/11 to win today and Aston Villa at 8/1 as the home team, it doesn't look good for us. You'll even get 4/1 for the draw at PaddyPower.

And today marks a special day for Paul Lambert as it's 100th Premier League game as manager of Aston Villa. I don't know what to write about that other than I hope for this special occasion, we see something special.

Ron Vlaar might be back, but I'm not sure if that will make a difference. I think Okore has done a fantastic job since coming back and you all know I'm a fan of Baker and Clark, so I guess it all comes down to the new players and the players we have putting in a little more effort.

Because it does look fairly pedestrian at the moment and you know what, this is probably not the match to expect any change or to even hope for it. Today is probably a day to bite down and hope it doesn't hurt that much. Well done whoever decided on this.

Updates and all that coming

But I'll be blunt with you, it's likely going to hurt today and probably get messy. There is an element of needing the supporters to play a part today but I suspect it's going to be hard for them and there are more important games coming up where that support might actually help.

Do you see what's happened. Chelsea are coming and it's basically over. I remember when Chelsea was three points. Hell, I remember when Chelsea wasn't even in the league. Look what Lerner has done.

Team news coming up as soon as we get it, but now it's time for breakfast.